NASSPD Early-Career Investigator Award

Description: The North American Society for the Study of Personality Disorders (NASSPD) has established the NASSPD early Career Investigator Award. This research award was established to encourage investigators early in their academic career to pursue research to increase our understanding of personality disorders. A committee of distinguished peers will make the selection. The award will recognize an individual whose work shows an emerging trajectory of professional and scientific productivity, and through his/her early contributions has increased our understanding of personality and personality disorders or their treatment. The winner, who will receive an engraved glass award, will be notified on Monday February 19, 2018. The award will be announced to our membership at our conference in New York on Saturday April 14, 2018. The award includes a one-year membership in the NASSPD and complimentary attendance at the NASSPD dinner.

Eligibility: Early-Career investigators are expected to be assistant professors of psychiatry or psychology or the equivalent.

Submissions: Candidates should be nominated by a peer or mentor. Letters of nomination should describe (briefly) the career trajectory and accomplishments of the candidate, and describe the individuals' emerging productivity (e.g., papers, books, presentations,), early contributions to the field (e.g., teaching, research, new knowledge), and his or her service (e.g., committees, study sections, other). Nominations should be supported by an additional letter of support from a peer and the candidate's CV. All materials should be submitted together.

Please submit papers and proof of eligibility electronically to:
NASSPD Research Awards Committee
c/o Dr. Donald Black

Deadline for submissions:
Submissions must be received by 5PM EST Monday January 22, 2018.

Announcement of Winner:
The winner will be announced on Monday February 19, 2018.